Looking good and healthy, that’s what we all want?
Whether it’s for a party, a gala, on vacation or just because. With the professional Sienna-X equipment in combination with the nice and smooth bronzing and conditioning products Sienna-X we provide you throughout the year that wonderful feeling. Tanstreet hereby guarantees a natural result. Within only 10 minutes you will have beautiful tanned and healthy look.

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Spraytanning full body  35€
Spraytanning ½ body


Our Black Power sunbed is here again!

Facial tanners 3 x 400 watts
Body tanners 44 x 160 watts

Black Power is a suitable tanning bed for:
– Customers with skin type 3 or 4 who have not been in the outdoor sun or under the sunbed for more than 1 month.
– Customers with skin type 2 who have built up a base color under BASIC tanning bed.
– Once you have built up a beautiful tan, you can perfect the tanning result under an Advanced tanning bed.

Your dream tanning result becomes reality thanks to:
– All-round tanning by lamps on the side of the body.
– Facial tanners.
– Shoulder tanning.
– Adjustable tanning strength (both body and face).

Turn your tanning session into a blissful moment of relaxation with these extras:
– Adjustable ventilation.

How do we proceed?
On your first visit, we do an intake interview to determine your skin type. Based on this, we will draw up a tanning schedule. We also make a customer sheet, so don’t forget your ID.
– Skin type I should not go on a sunbed
– Skin type II may tan for a maximum of 7 minutes the first time.
– Skin type III may tan for a maximum of 10 minutes the first time.
– Skin type IV may tan for 12 min the first time.

After the first turn, you can tan again after 48 hours. After that, there should be at least 24 hours in between. If you haven’t tanned for 1 month, you fall back to your minimum minutes after which you have to wait 48 hours for your next session.
We explain in detail to every customer how to tan safely. Also the use of the sunbed.

Safe tanning is our priority:
– Wear protective eyewear (provided).
– Remove your make-up.
– Read the leaflet of your medication: some medicines increase the sensitivity of your skin under the sunbed.
– Under 18 years of age, you should not go on a sunbed.
– The time of the 1st tanning session is limited.

Our sunbed is accessible by appointment:
Monday 10-18h & Tuesday-Sunday 9-19h.

Rate: 0,50€ per minute