Infrared Sauna

There are 3 types of waves:

IR-A = Short wave radiation (Deep effect far into the body)
Short-wave infrared transfers the heat by radiation. This radiation (depth heat) penetrates far into the body, the heat is distributed over the blood vessels and after a short time you will feel the pleasant and intense effect of the depth heat. Because the body is heated purely, you will perspire without the ambient temperature being really high. You can even leave the door open, because it is the radiation that provides the beneficial effect.

IR-B = Mid wave radiation (Deep effect upper skin layers)
This radiation immediately penetrates the upper layers of the skin and has a penetration depth of 3 mm further than the long wave.

IR-C = Long wave radiation (surface heat)
This radiation penetrates to  under the epidermis and will mainly warm up the air first. Here one obtains a high ambient temperature in the cabin. Because of this high temperature you will perspire and waste products will disappear from the body with the perspiration.

Our cabin contains a Full spectrum radiator. This radiator has the full spectrum of both IR-A/B/C: IR-A = 27%; IR-B = 58% and IR-C = 14%.
The Full spectrum penetrates very deep into the skin up to 5 mm. No warm-up time required.
This depth effect has a pain-relieving property, ideal for people with joint pains, muscle pain, rheumatism, fibromyalgia, flu, colds, arthritis and against fatigue.
This Full spectrum also improves the immune system, the removal of waste and improves blood circulation.
The operation of the emitters has also been tested by Medisch Spectrum Twente and Saxion Hogeschool in Enschede. A total of 17 people with medical complaints participated in this test, in addition there was a control group of 21 people.
For 4 weeks, the subjects visited the infrared sauna twice a week. Both before and during the sauna session and a few days after the sauna session and another month later, the effects on pain, stiffness and fatigue were measured.
The outcome was surprising “The patients with arthritis indicated that after 1 sauna session of half an hour the pain and stiffness had decreased by 40%. In the Bekhterev patients, the pain had decreased by around 50% and the stiffness had even decreased by 60%.”

1 session infrared 30min 30€
Subscription of 10 sessions 260€

In case of issues, we recommend 2 sessions of infrared per week.