Permanent hair removal by E-Med Laser Hair Removal

Instead of purchasing a laser hair removal machine ourselves, we chose to partner with E-Med Laserontharing. The team from E-Med Laser Hair Removal is here on a monthly basis.

Why the collaboration with E-Med Laserontharing?
They have specialised in this area for years and treatments are carried out by qualified nurses who give honest and expert advice.
Treatment extremely hygienic and precise.
Free test on 3 different areas, with no obligation to buy.
Seasonal discounts for new customers and loyalty discounts for existing customers.
Result analyses in the E-med lab.
Unique safety scan.
100% guarantee of working with the latest equipment.
Perceived by clients as less painful than most other hair removal methods.
Treats all areas, for women and men.
Focus only on permanent hair removal via diode laser.

Before your first treatment
Around 6-8 weeks before the first treatment, you should no longer epilate or wax.
Before starting the first treatment, the hair should have a minimum length of about 2-3 mm, this way they can accurately assess the hair and determine the optimal setting of the E-Med Laser.
Avoid self tanners and sun(bank) as long as possible before the first treatment (min 3 weeks). This is to ensure optimal results. Sunbathing is not recommended during treatment.

The number of treatments per zone depends on the individual. On average, 6 to 8 treatments are needed to obtain the desired result. Some clients need slightly more treatments, while many clients will be hair-free on fewer treatments.
Because of hormonal changes in the body, a follow-up session is sometimes needed after a few years to remove some new hairs again.

How to proceed?
For more information, prices, appointments, promotions, your free test,… you can always visit or contact us by mail: or by phone 0474/92.12.39.

Appointments are managed by the E-Med Laser Hair Removal team. Payments for treatments are also made directly to the nurse.

Eyelash & Eyebrow Care

Eyelash perm / lifting & coloring
Eyelash perm / lifting  50min / 50€
Eyelash perm / lifting & coloring  70min / 60€
Eyebrow lifting  50min / 45€
Eyebrow lifting + Eyelash perm / lifting & coloring  120min / 100€

Eyebrows tinting  15€
Eyelashes colouring  15€

Eyelash Perm: for naturally curled eyelashes using rollers. Brings a deep curl to the natural lashes. Very natural result. Shelf life: +/- 6 weeks. Not harmful to the natural eyelash.

Eyelash lifting: for upright lashes with a slight curl using silicone pads. Lift from the roots of the lashes for an optical extension. Ideal for short eyelashes or drooping eyelids. Shelf life: +/- 6 weeks. Not harmful to natural lashes.

Eyebrow lifting: is a less invasive alternative to microblading. For people with small holes in the eyebrows, thin eyebrows and disheveled eyebrows. Less suitable for people with short hair or very few hairs. The eyebrows remain in the right direction for +/- 3 weeks.


Chin 10€
Eyebrows 12€  (8€ supplement with facial treatment)
Upper lip 10€
Cheeks 15€

Armpits 15€
Bikini Brazilian 30€
Bikini 20€
Underarms 17€
Full arms 24€
Upper legs 19€
Under legs 20€
Full legs 27€
Back 27€
Torso 27€

Eyebrows +chin + Upper lip 25€
Eyebrows + Upper lip 20€
Eyebrows + colouring 22€
Upper lip + chin 18€
Bikini + legs 45€
Back + torso 45€

Hand & Foot Care

Hand care  30 min / 22,5 €
Hand & foot care  75 min / 60 €
Nail polish  10 €
Gel polish  45 min / 35 €
Removing gel polish  20 min / 25 €

Wellness foot care (scrub, mask, esthetic foot care, foot masssage and tea)  55 min / 60 €
Foot care  45 min / 40 €
Hand & foot care  75 min / 60 €
Nail polish  10 €
Gel polish  45 min / 35 €
Medical foot care + gel polish  85 min / 70 €
Removing gel polish  20 min / 25 €

Body Care

Wellness Body Scrub (of your choice)  30min / 40€

Wellness Body Wraps (of your choice)  30min / 40€
Body wraps contain beneficial substances. They can, in about an hour, stimulate the metabolism of your entire body, detoxify, nourish, nurture, etc. After about 30 minutes laying in the wrap and listening to soothing music you feel reborn.

Wellness Wraps with body scrub  60min / 70€

Body Wraps by Anesi:

Anti-cellulite treatment based on sea mud.

Legs + Thighs  +-60min / 65€
10 treatments + home care products: 650€

Belly + Hips  +-45min / 55€
10 treatments + home care products: 550€

Thighs + Hips + Belly  +-60min / 70€
10 treatments + home care products: 700€

BB Algae Wrap
Full body detoxifying and firming treatment.
Bio Balance algae wrap  +-60min / 65€
10 treatments + home care products: 650€

Draining and blood circulation stimulating treatment.
Legs  +-60min / 55€
10 treatments + home care products: 550€

Face Care

Facial Treatments (with Anesi products) – for both ladies and men.
Eyebrow epilation supplement  8 €

Aqua Vital:

Dermo Peel Expert  60 min / 65 €
All skin types, especially dry and dehydrated skin to hydrate, cleanse and restore the healthy complexion.
Deep cleansing of the skin and improvement of skin texture.
Refine hyperkerotosis, uneven texture, dark spots, lines and wrinkles.
Preparation of the skin for other anesi treatments (especially anti-ageing treatments).

Hydra Detox  60 min / 65 €
Combination skin types with dehydration.
Deep cleansing of the skin, with comedoneextraction if necessary.
Improvement in the elimination of toxins and penetration of active ingredients using the Anesi Drain Detox Massage.

Hydra Nutrition  60 min / 65 €
All skin types, especially : very dry skin, dehydrated skin and mature skin types.

Harmony  60 min / 70 €
To repair and regenerate sensitive skin and treat the causes of sensitivity.
Restoring the damaged hydrolipidic barrier and strengthening the skin’s natural defences.
Soothe and reduce/prevent inflammation.
Strengthening the skin’s natural defences.
Calming and reducing redness.
Hydrating, repairing and nourishing the skin.
Improving the microcirculation.
Protect the epidermis from external aggressions to prevent premature ageing.

Dermo Contrôle:

Deep Cleansing Treatment  60 min / 60 €
Skin prone to acne. This treatment regulates excess sebum. Prevents and restores the development of blackheads, pimples and pustules. Finally, it refines the pores, improves skin texture and provides a deep cleansing.
Controlling the microbial flora for a healthy complexion.
Eliminates toxins, reduces inflammation and improves hydration without stimulating the sebaceous glands.

Dermo Correcteur  60 min / 65 €
Skin prone to acne. This treatment regulates excess sebum. Prevents and restores the development of blackheads, pimples and pustules. Finally, it refines the pores, improves skin texture and provides deep cleansing.
Controlling the microbial flora for a healthy complexion.
Improves scar regeneration for a healthy complexion and more refined skin texture.

3C Vitamin Glow  60 min / 70 €
Dull, stressed skin (can be combined with UrbanBlue Defense detox treatment) that wants its healthy, vibrant complexion back. Refines skin texture and repairs and prevents sun damage.
Seasonal changes (to brighten and re-energise the skin after winter and summer).
Special occasions when maximum radiance of the skin is required.
Protection against premature ageing caused by free radical damage.
Anyone wanting an immediately radiant, glowing skin.

Cellular 3  60 min / 75 €
All skin types with the first signs of ageing. Also offers protection against premature ageing.
Skin lacking elasticity and suppleness. Poor skin texture, enlarged pores and lack of vitality.
Lines and wrinkles, uneven complexion, dullness, dehydration and sun damage.

Luminosity  60 min / 90 €
Hyperpigmentation problems: age spots, dark blemishes and scars, sun damage, melasma, hormonal imbalances.
Insufficiently vital skin (very suitable for special occasions).
Anyone looking for a lighter, brighter and more even skin tone.

Urban BlueDefense  60 min / 70 €
City people, office workers, travellers.
Anyone who spends a lot of time in front of screens (computer, television, smartphone, etc.).
Dull and stressed skin.
Anyone concerned about environmental damage to the skin.
Skin exposed to air pollution.
Restores balance and healthy radiance to the skin.
Alternating with other facial treatments.

Epigenesse  60 min / 90 €
Ageing skin, especially over 50 (or younger skin that is ageing prematurely).
Dry, exhausted skin.
Sun-damaged skin.
Sallow, tired complexion.
Wrinkles and reduced elasticity.
Poor skin texture and enlarged pores due to lack of elasticity.

Eye and Lip care (with products from Anesi):

Expression Care  50 min / 60 €
Expression lines and wrinkles around the eyes and lips.
Nourishing the eyes (including eyelashes and lips), reducing puffiness and dark circles and brightening/lifting the eye contour.
Refreshing tired, stressed eyes and relieving hay fever irritation.
Decongesting, softening and refreshing the eye contour.
Special occasions to make the eye contour look radiant.

Supplement to a facial treatment  25 min extra / 40 €