Massages à la carte

Body massage  55min 65€ / 85min 90€
Our body massage is performed with sunflower oil to which we add essential oils according to the needs of the client: anti-stress, revitalizing, draining or muscle relaxant. Resulting in a well-nourished skin and a relaxed body. In short, a blissful moment to enjoy!

Back, Neck and Shoulders Massage  25min 35€
Back, shoulder and neck are problem areas in most people. Let them be taken care of by hands during this massage and completely released of any tension.

Face, Neck and Back Massage  25min 35€

Hotstone Massage  55min 70€ / 85min 95€
Our massage with warm volcanic stones and cold marine stones. The softness, heat and shape of these stones provide a unique massage with an optimal relaxation of the body.

Jadestone Massage  55min 70€ / 85min 95€
The Jade Stone massage is a treat for your body. A combination of the warm gemstones, warm oil, and total body massage including the face completes this massage. The gemstones have intense healing power, and can release tension and blockages; they also give a deep sense of relaxation. They support fatigue, depression, dejection but also ease the pain of rheumatic complaints, headaches and menstrual pain. Jade represents love and harmony, and can also be given very well after the 14th week of pregnancy. The stones can also be used cold and have a cooling effect.

Important properties of jade stones are:
– Jade stimulates kidney function, thus Jade supports the removal of waste products.
– Jade works on the heart chakra, among other things, and promotes love and tolerance.
– Jade is anti-inflammatory.
– Jade works well with menstrual problems.
– Jade helps with mental fatigue or restlessness.
– Jade relieves headaches.
– Jade relieves rheumatic pains.
– Jade gives you zest for life and makes you feel positive.
– Jade restores and cleanses.

Stamp Massage  55min 70€ / 85min 95€
A herbal stamp massage is ideal if you feel tense, tired, weak or burnt out. In particular thanks to the chosen herbs and their aromas that not only relax the body and deep cleanse, but also release new energy on a spiritual plane.
The warmth of the sand stamps has a very relaxing effect on muscles and joints and ensures that the active substances from the oil can penetrate deeper to do their job. The result is overal relaxation and clear relief of muscle and joint pain.

Hot Candle Oil Massage  55min 70€ / 85min 95€
The Hot Candle Oil Massage is a new ritual based on scents, the warmth of warm candles combined with the pleasure of a massage and a deep skin care for the whole body. You feel a wonderful warm deep effect that is highlighted with specific massage techniques. Your skin will soften, moisturize and rejuvenate. Due to continuous heat your muscles and bones will feel supple and less painful.

Bamboo Massage  55min 70€ / 85min 95€

African Massage  55min 70€
This massage is essentially balancing and allows energy flows to circulate throughout the body.
It is both invigorating and relaxing. The African massage works to relax the muscles.

Oriental Massage  55min 70€
This massage releases tension. Particularly recommended for people who are stressed or overworked, this well-being massage is extremely effective in relieving nervous tension and giving you a sense of serenity. You feel enveloped and relaxed by the movements.

Pregnancy Massage  55min 75€

Massage for the Youngest (4-16 years)  25min 32,5€ / 60min 65€

Madérotherapy Massage
Maderotherapy is a massage technique from traditional oriental medicine that uses wooden instruments to shape the body. It is also called “wood therapy”. This massage, coupled with more traditional manual massage techniques, is aimed at the body’s lymphatic network. This treatment is carried out with strong and fast movements. Different wooden instruments are used to adapt to each part of the body. The face, back, arms, legs, flanks and waist can be massaged.

Madérotherapy Arms  20min 35€
Madérotherapy Belly or Back  40min 60€
Madérotherapy Legs + Intestinal Transit  55min 80€

Kobido Massage  55min 75€
Kobido massage is a Japanese massage technique that is used to improve the health and appearance of the facial skin. It is based on the principles of traditional Japanese medicine and is believed to improve blood circulation, eliminate toxins and stimulate collagen production for a brighter, firmer complexion. The Kobido massage involves specific movements and gentle pressure to stimulate the acupuncture points of the face, relax the muscles and strengthen the skin structure. It focuses on the deeper layers of the skin using special techniques to tone and tighten muscles and connective tissue. It is used to treat various skin conditions, such as wrinkles, fine lines, dehydration, loss of elasticity and spots. I lest says that Kobido massage can benefit the skin by improving blood circulation, stimulating collagen production and eliminating toxins. The Kobido treatment is also suitable for people who have a lot on their mind and/or suffer from headaches, stress or fatigue. Treatments are recommended once every 10 days. This is especially recommended if you have physical or mental problems.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage for heavy legs  40min 55€ / 5x 235€

Manual Lymphatic Drainage for the whole body  90min 115€ / 5x 525€

Duo Massage  55min 125€ / 85min 175€