Dear Customer

Dear Customer

Unfortunately, we have recently noticed an increase in the number of people who do not show up or cancel late despite reservations, hence we have been forced to introduce the following rules from now on:

1. Reservations on the day itself are only possible for 2 people via Last Minutes – A Beauty Well ( . Do not forget to pay the deposit immediately when making the reservation, which must be made online at least 2h15 before the start of the event.

2. If you cancel a reservation less than 24h or do not show up, we ask you to pay the full amount of the total reservation into the following account number BE87 7310 2756 9694 stating your name and date of reservation. If this is not done, we will take further steps.

3. We would also like to mention that bringing your own drinks or food is prohibited! The units have a minibar and snacks are also available.

Thank you for your understanding.

Kind regards,
A Beauty Well team