PROMO: June 2024

Escape the rainy weather with the following actions from our sauna & wellness center:

Body scrub and wrap and subsequent 1h30 sauna in our indoor unit (including bathrobe)
1 person 155€ instead of 170€
2 people 220€ instead of 245€

1h30 sauna in our indoor unit (including bathrobe) followed by a back, neck and shoulder massage
1 person 115€ instead of 125€
2 people 155€ instead of 175€

2h sauna with swimming pool and a Cava package (including bathrobe) followed by a 55 minute duo massage
2 people 290€ instead of 310€

Wellness package 5: body massage and facial care (120 min)
1 person 95€ instead of 110€
2 people 195€ instead of 210€

Facial care 3C Vitamin Glow and eyebrow epilation (60 min)
1 person 60€ instead of 78€

Jadestone massage (55 min) with free +15 min supplement
1 person 70€

(promotions valid until July 9, 2024)

Dear Customer

Unfortunately, we have recently noticed an increase in the number of people who do not show up or cancel late despite reservations, hence we have been forced to introduce the following rules from now on:

1. Reservations on the day itself are only possible for 2 people via Last Minutes – A Beauty Well ( . Do not forget to pay the deposit immediately when making the reservation, which must be made online at least 2h15 before the start of the event.

2. If you cancel a reservation less than 24h or do not show up, we ask you to pay the full amount of the total reservation into the following account number BE87 7310 2756 9694 stating your name and date of reservation. If this is not done, we will take further steps.

3. We would also like to mention that bringing your own drinks or food is prohibited! The units have a minibar and snacks are also available.

Thank you for your understanding.

Kind regards,
A Beauty Well team

NEW: Eyelash & Eyebrow Care

Eyelash perm / lifting & coloring
Eyelash perm / lifting  45 € / 50 min
Eyelash perm / lifting & coloring  55 € / 70 min
Eyebrow lifting  45 € / 50 min
Eyebrow lifting + Eyelash perm / lifting & coloring  90 € / 120 min

Eyelash Perm: for naturally curled eyelashes using rollers. Brings a deep curl to the natural lashes. Very natural result. Shelf life: +/- 6 weeks. Not harmful to the natural eyelash.

Eyelash lifting: for upright lashes with a slight curl using silicone pads. Lift from the roots of the lashes for an optical extension. Ideal for short eyelashes or drooping eyelids. Shelf life: +/- 6 weeks. Not harmful to natural lashes.

Eyebrow lifting: is a less invasive alternative to microblading. For people with small holes in the eyebrows, thin eyebrows and disheveled eyebrows. Less suitable for people with short hair or very few hairs. The eyebrows remain in the right direction for +/- 3 weeks.

VIDEO: “A Beauty Well” from Wellvita TV


Video “A Beauty Well” from Wellvita TV