Eyelash & Eyebrow Care

Eyelash perm / lifting & coloring
Eyelash perm / lifting  50min / 45€
Eyelash perm / lifting & coloring  70min / 55€
Eyebrow lifting  50min / 45€
Eyebrow lifting + Eyelash perm / lifting & coloring  120min / 90€

Eyebrows tinting  10€
Eyelashes colouring  10€

Eyelash Perm: for naturally curled eyelashes using rollers. Brings a deep curl to the natural lashes. Very natural result. Shelf life: +/- 6 weeks. Not harmful to the natural eyelash.

Eyelash lifting: for upright lashes with a slight curl using silicone pads. Lift from the roots of the lashes for an optical extension. Ideal for short eyelashes or drooping eyelids. Shelf life: +/- 6 weeks. Not harmful to natural lashes.

Eyebrow lifting: is a less invasive alternative to microblading. For people with small holes in the eyebrows, thin eyebrows and disheveled eyebrows. Less suitable for people with short hair or very few hairs. The eyebrows remain in the right direction for +/- 3 weeks.